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Things you should know

On this page you will find our terms and conditions, as well as comments or responses to some fairly common questions. By purchasing your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions on this page.


All Blu-ray™ Mini Marquees carry a 30-day warranty that covers the functionality of the product, including the operation of the electronics: the LEDs, battery pack, and wiring. It does not include damaged equipment due to rough shipping, or malfunctions due to user mishandling. It does not include blemishes in the wood grain, although it should be noted that all raw wood that is used to create each Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is inspected and verified for quality before it is milled to ensure a nice finish. Please remember that the Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is made from solid wood, so every Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is different. They are currently not available in smooth plastic, so you may see one that has grain that goes one way, and another that has a completely different grain pattern. This is the nature of the product. If you want yours to look a certain way or have a specific smoothness or roughness, please let me know before you place your order and I can likely make it look how you need it to look.

If you keep your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee away from moisture and as clear of constant vibrations as possible, your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee will likely last you many, many years. We advise that you do not install your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee on a subwoofer enclosure.

For equipment that has been found to be defective or has failed in any way during the 30-day warranty period, the customer must ship his/her item back to get it inspected. If the item is deemed to have been faulty from the manufacturing process and not by end user mishandling and/or other reasons expressed above, all parts covered under warranty will be replaced free of charge by Brett Roby Creative.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer — both incoming and outgoing. Be sure to let us know if you would like a less expensive shipping service or have your own shipping account and we will accommodate; otherwise, we will likely choose something along the lines of a UPS Ground, which is generally around $15 and delivers within a week within the continental United States


The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee can be modified to suit a specific customization. Brett Roby Creative has done this in this in the past, and is happy to offer this to anyone wishing to have a very special unit in their home theater. Please be sure to contact us before requesting a modification to your existing unit, as the modification may or may not be possible, and we don't want you to waste your time and money shipping your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee if you don't have to.

As with returns, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer — both incoming and outgoing.

Copyright ( © ) and Trademark ( ™ ) Protection

The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is copyright- and trademark-protected, circa May 2009. Any company or person offering a Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee or anything similar other than Brett Roby Creative is doing so fraudulently and likely does not have the proper rights to do so.

Relationship with the Blu-ray™ Disc Association

The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is not associated or affiliated in any way with the Blu-ray™ Disc Association. The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is an accesory to Blu-ray™ discs, DVDs, gaming console discs, etc., and is to be considered as such. Brett Roby Creative assumes no responsibility nor implies any link to this or any other association, program, occult, or otherwise.

Image Usage

All images of the Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee found on this site are the property of Brett Roby Creative unless specifically expressed otherwise, either by way of disclaimer or image watermark. Please do not use images from this site unless given permission from the site administrators. Please do not hotlink the images from this site to other sites, including discussion forums. If you want images, please ask. We are very friendly in this regard if you just ask.


Brett Roby Creative will never give your contact information to anyone. When you place an order for a Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee, all of your information is sent via secure PayPal form, and is stored only for customer information purposes on a secure server at Brett Roby Creative headquarters. We despise spambots, bogus e-mails, and so forth, and would not consider exposing your sensitive information to these types of things.

More Questions

If you feel that you need further support or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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