The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee

Frequently Asked Questions

(with answers)

On this page you will find answers to some commonly asked questions, as well as our thoughts on some fairly common remarks. If you feel that your question isn't answered on this page, please feel free to contact us.


Can I get my Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee in [xx color]?

Yes. Usually. As long as the paint is available at my local hardware stores (usually Ace Hardware or OSH, although there are a few mom and pop stores around, too), I can paint your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee in that color. If I don't have the paint available, you will have to purchase and mail it to me.

Generally speaking, the best colors for the Mini Marquees are matte black or white. They tend to match the most furniture in these colors and are definitely considered the "safest" colors. Grey is another nice color that plays well off of the more common LED colors (blue or white).


Can I get my Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee with [xx color] LEDs?

Most likely, yes. Assuming the LED color is available, we can make yours with those LEDs. Please note that an extra charge will likely be added to your order to cover the cost of the non-stock LEDs. It is also worth noting that the backlight module for the face plate text is available in about four or five colors, so if you choose a custom LED color scheme, be sure to consider its match with the face plate lighting!


I want my face plate to read [xx text]. Can I get that on mine?

Maybe. It depends. As of right now, only a few face plate options are available. Keep checking in, and maybe in the near future we will be able to have the text face plate read whatever you want (within reason and appropriateness, of course).

What do you want it to say? While there isn't a "character limit" per se, as all characters have a different width/height, and I can play with spacing a bit to fit, but the size of the text area (i.e. where I can actually cut text) is finite. Feel free to contact us about it and inquire about your custom text. If it fits in the area and is appropriate — no bad words please — then I can probably have it done. An extra fee will be associated with this customization.

To make a request for customization, click here.


How long does it take to get my Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee?

Current lead time for Blu-ray™ Mini Marquees is about four to six weeks. If you happen to buy yours in the middle of a build cycle, you might be lucky enough to get it within two weeks.


How much is shipping?

Shipping to anywhere in the continental, contiguous United States is $12.99. International orders, or those from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and so forth will incur an additional charge; a separate invoice will be sent to our customers who buy from outside the continental, contiguous United States.


These LEDs are too dim. Can I make them brighter?

At this time, changing the brightness of the LEDs is not an option. Through extensive testing and multiple iterations of this product, we have come to what we determine to be the perfect LED brightness. Many factors went into this decision, including LED brightness, battery life, and LED life. The voltage supplied to the electronics circuit in conjunction with the resistors used for the LEDs has been highly optimized over the years. We have found what we feel to be the best combination of each of these such that when you have your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee in your home theater, it not only lasts for a long time, but you're not spending a ton on batteries.


These LEDs are too bright. Can I make them dimmer?

See above.


Boy, these are expensive! Why?!

The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is a very unique item. It is machined with high-precision CNC milling equipment from solid wood. It is hand-crafted with extensive puttying, sanding, and painting to a specified, customized, built-to-order look. The electronics are painstakingly hand-soldered and the wiring is extremely clean and precise — to say nothing of the fact that it's all hidden from view for that über-clean look. The face plate text is cut by a laser and has radii of .010". This is not something that you can simply go down to Walmart and buy.


The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee would be better if...

The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is a work in progress that is perpetually changing and adapting to the needs of our customers. If you have a suggestion for The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee that you think would enhance its functionality, appeal, or just make it better overall, we'd love to hear about it!

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