The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee

by Brett Roby Creative

(brettallica on the forums)

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The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee is a unique, hand-crafted home theater accessory created by the hands of the head designer at Brett Roby Creative. While watching a movie on your HDTV, you can set the Blu-ray™ case (or DVD case) in the Mini Marquee and showcase the movie playing on your TV screen. The Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee — while optimized for use wth Blu-ray™ cases — is also engineered to be compatible with video game (and many other) types of cases.

Available in nearly any color imaginable, these Blu-ray™ Mini Marquees are the perfect accessory to your home theater. Each is made on a per-order basis and individually customized to meet your needs. With our easy order form, you can customize your Blu-ray™ Mini Marquee to match your home theater, your bedroom, or anything that comes to mind. They can even be "themed" to match other accessories.


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